IC 410 & NGC 1893
Diffuse Nebula and Open Cluster in Auriga

RA: 05h 22m Dec: +33 25' Mag: 7.5, Size: 100(ly), Distance: 12000(ly)

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   IC410 is an emission nebula that surrounds open star cluster NGC 1893 located in the constellation Auriga. The radiation from these hot stars are eroding the nebula and creating the dark hole like openings. The two "tadpoles" are regions of dense cooler gasses that resist the effects of the clusters radiation but are still slowly eroding. The streamer tails are actually eroded matter with a length of approximately 10 light years are moving away from the hot stars.

Location & Date Backyard, Abbott Observatory - Oct. 30,31 & Nov. 1, 2008
Temperature - Low 40's F
Telescope TMB 130SS Refractor, F/7 on a Losmandy G11, Prime Focus, Image scale 1.68 arcsec/pixel
Camera SBIG ST-2000XM w/CFW8, AO8
Astrodon Tru Balance Filters
CCD temp -15C
Exposure Times (L) 15 x 10, (R) 12 x 10, (G) 8 x 10,(B) 8 x 10 Minutes, Bin 1x1
Other Information Image acquisition/focus/guiding/dither - CCD Autopilot w/CCDSoft
Focus - Moonlite Motorfocus w/FocusMax

Image Processing * Images Plus 3.75beta - Calibration, Normalize, Grading, Alignment, Min Max Average Combine, mild DDP
* Adobe CS - RGB blend into Lum, Levels, Curves, Sharpening, Cropping, NR, JPEG conversion

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