Planetary Nebula in Perseus

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Location & Date Backyard, Abbott Observatory October 20 & 21, 2007
Temperature low 50'sF, Seeing - 2.65" - 2.78" FWHM
Telescope TMB 130SS Refractor, F/7 on a Losmandy G11, Prime Focus, Image scale 1.68 arcsec/pixel
Camera SBIG ST-2000XM monochrome camera w/CFW8 filter wheel
Astronomik 13nm Ha filter
Custom Scientific LRGB filters
CCD temp -20C
Exposure Times (Ha) 10X15m (R) 7X10m, (G) 6X10m, (B) 9X10m Bin 1X1
Other Information Image acquisition and guiding - CCDSoft V5
Focus - Moonlite Motorfocus w/FocusMax

Image Processing * Images Plus 2.75 - Calibration, Grading, Alignment, Sigma Median Combine, mild DDP, Adaptive R/L, G2V Color weights, RGB combine, Noise reduction.
* Adobe CS - 2X Stairstep Image Size (Hoon Im plugin), Ha combine into R and Lum channels, Levels, Curves, Sharpening, Cropping, JPEG conversion

© 2007 Michael A. Siniscalchi