NGC 281 Emission Nebula & IC 1590 Open Cluster

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Location & Date Backyard, Abbott Observatory Sept. 19 & 20, 2006
Temperature low 60'sF, Transparency - Very good, Seeing - 4/5
Telescope Celestron C8-N 8" Reflector F/5, Prime Focus, Losmandy G11 mount
Image scale 1.52 arcsec/pixel
Camera SBIG ST-2000XCM color camera
CCD temp -20C
Exposure Times 25 X 10 minutes 4.16 hours - Color
20 X 15 minutes 5 hours - Hydrogen Alpha
Other Information Image acquisition and guiding - CCDSoft V5
Focus - Moonlite Motorfocus w/FocusMax
Baader UV/IR filter stacked to an Orion Skyglow filter for color data.
Astronomik 13nm Ha filter for Hydrogen Alpha data
Image Processing * Images Plus 2.75 - Calibration, Bayer Interpolate, Grading, Alignment, Sigma Clipped Average Combine, mild DDP, 2 iterations of R/L deconvolution.
* Adobe CS - Levels, Curves, Masks, Sharpening, RGB balance, Cropping, JPEG conversion
The color image is a Ha+RGB composite. The Ha data was mixed 75% with the R channel then recombined with the GB data. This brought out the faint outer nebula structure and details that was otherwise not seen in the color data.


© 2007 Michael A. Siniscalchi