Sh2-71 / PK 036-01.1
Planetary Nebula in Aquila

RA: 19h 02m 00.3s Dec: +02 09' 11 Mag: 12.3 , Size: 1.7', Distance: 2700 ly
Direction - North is up East is left

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   Sh2-71 is a planetary nebula in the constellation Aquila. Discovered in 1946 by Rudolph Minkowski this bright nebula is suggested to contain a close bipolar star in the center. The mag 13.8 center star is visible and is the nebulas exciting star but its companion star is unobservable. The interactions between the binary pair are ejecting matter away at high velocities in the range of 500km per sec and is believed to be the reason for the disrupted symmetry thereby producing an irregular disk shape with faint outer spherical structure.

Location & Date Backyard, Abbott Observatory - July & August, 2011
Temperature - Low 70's F
Telescope Deep Sky Instruments RC10C , F/7.3, Losmandy G11 Gemini, Prime Focus, Image scale 0.82 arcsec/pixel
Camera SBIG ST-2000XM w/CFW8, AO8
Baader HaLRGB AR Filters
CCD temp -15C
Exposure Times (Ha) 27x15m (Lum) 22x15 (R)9x10m (G) 6x10m (B) 6x10m Bin 1x1
Other Information Image planning - CCD Navigator
Image acquisition/focus/guiding/dither - CCD Autopilot4 w/CCDSoft/TheSky6/PinPoint
Image Processing * CCDStack - Calibration, Normalize, Alignment, Mean Combine, Deconvolution
* FITS Liberator 2 - Stretching
* Adobe CS4 - (HA+L)+RGB combine, Levels, Curves, Sharpening, Noise reduction, JPEG conversion

© 2011 Michael A. Siniscalchi