North East Astro-Imaging Conference April, 2008 NY
R.J. GaBany, Ken Crawford, Neil Fleming, Mike Sinsicalchi, Martin Winder, Dietmar Hager, Don Goldman
Robert Gendler and me
About Me
  My interest in Astronomy goes back to when I was 11 years old when I got a TASCO 9TE-5 60mm refractor and was mesmerized when I saw Saturn's rings. My first hand at astrophotography came two years later when I got the idea to hold my fathers Brownie camera behind the filtered eyepiece while attempting to film a solar eclipse in 1970. I don't remember what happened to those photos from that time. It was the 'Mars Madness' in 2003 that sparked my renewed interest in astronomy, especially astrophotography, and have been involved ever since.
  I'm a member of the Custer Observatory Institute and the Amateur Observers' Society of New York. I live on eastern Long Island, N.Y. at W 72.8° 38' and N 40.8° 51' and the skies are dark which makes astronomy that much more enjoyable without having to deal too much with light pollution. I'm a Linux computer systems administrator during the day and at night you'll find me working on another imaging project.
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Reflections from Heaven
Astrophotography of the Cosmos
by Michael Siniscalchi

Custer Institute
Long Island, NY


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