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           Leo Trio   
        Galaxies in Leo
      RA:11h 17m 45s  Dec: +13° 25' 06"

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Location & Date
Backyard, Abbott Observatory- Long Island, NY,  Feburary 2022
Orion ED80 F/7 APO, Moonlite focuser, iOptron GEM45G, Pegasus Falcon rotator
Image scale 2.54 arcsec/pixel
Baader Ha L R G B  filters
CCD temp -15°C
Ha- 12x5m  L- 30 x 5m  Red- 12 x 5m  Green - 12 x 5m  Blue- 12 x 5m   Bin 1x1  per panel
Planning & Acquisition
Image planning - Sequence Generator Pro Mosaic Planning
Image acquisition - Sequence Generator Pro w/PinPoint & PHD2 (guiding)
CCDStack -  Calibration, Normalize, Alignment,  Deconvolution
Adobe PS -  Ha+LRGB combine, Color adjustments, Noise reduction, Sharpen, JPEG conversion
RC-Astro Star XTerminator
Topaz Gigapixel AI - Galaxy structures details

This is a 2 panel mosaic
  The Leo Trio is a group of galaxies in the constellation Leo, consisting of NGC 3628 (left), M65 (top right) and M66 (bottom right). These are also known as the M66 group and are close enough to each other that gravitational interactions are visible such as the inflated disk of NGC 3628 (also known as the Hamburger Galaxy) and the distorted arms of M66. The group's distance from earth is estimated to be 30 - 35 million light years. M65 and M66 were discovered by Pierre Méchain in March 1780 when they were also catalogued by Messier.