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        M39 / NGC7092
         Open Cluster in Cygnus
      RA:21h 32m 49s  Dec: +48 37' 51" Size: 29arc/m Mag: 5.5

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Location & Date
Backyard, Abbott Observatory- Long Island, NY,  Sept. & Oct. 2020
TMB130SS F/7 APO, Moonlite focuser, Losmandy G11 Gemini
Image scale 1.54 arcsec/pixel
Baader  R G B  filters
CCD temp -15C
Red-12 x 5m  Green-12x5m  Blue-12x5m  Bin 1x1
Planning & Acquisition
Image planning - Sequence Generator Pro
Image acquisition - Sequence Generator Pro w/PinPoint & PHD2 (guiding)
CCDStack - calibration, debloom, align, normalize, combine, deconvolution
Adobe Photoshop -  Color Image composition, Noise reduction, JPEG conversion

From Wikipedia;

  Messier 39 or M39, also known as NGC 7092, is an open cluster of stars in the constellation of Cygnus, positioned two degrees to the south of the star Pi Cygni and around 9 east-northeast of Deneb. The cluster was discovered by Guillaume Le Gentil in 1749, then Charles Messier added it to his catalogue in 1764. When observed in a small telescope at low power the cluster shows around two dozen members but is best observed with binoculars. It has a total integrated magnitude (brightness) of 5.5 and spans an angular diameter of 29 arcminutes about the size of the full Moon. It is centered about 1,010 light-years (311 parsecs) away.