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                NGC 1560
        Galaxy in Camelopardalis
     RA:04h 33m 44s  Dec: +71 53' 00"
     Distance - 8-12 mly  Size - 35000 ly

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  NGC 1560, also known as IC 2062, is an 11th-magnitude spiral galaxy, in the IC 342/Maffei Group.It was discovered by Wilhelm Tempel on August 1, 1883.The galaxy has a negative radial velocity of -35 km/second. NGC1560 is close enough to the earth that its distance must be derived directly (not using redshift). Karachentsev et al. (2003) report a distance of 3.45 Mpc (11.2 million light years), while Madore (1993) give 2.5 Mpc (8.1 Mly) using the brightest stars method. Currently, the most accurate estimate is approximately 8 to 12 million light years. At this distance, it is relatively close to Earth, but not part of the Local Group.
This galaxy is approximately 35 thousand light years wide, determined by its apparent size of 11.6 by 1.9 arcmin
Location & Date
Backyard, Abbott Observatory- Long Island, NY,  January 2021
TMB130SS F/7 APO, Moonlite focuser, Losmandy G11 Gemini
Image scale 1.54 arcsec/pixel
Baader  L R G B  filters
CCD temp -15C
Lum 12x5m  Red-12x 5m Green -12x5m Blue-12x5m   Bin 1x1
Planning & Acquisition
Image planning - Sequence Generator Pro
Image acquisition - Sequence Generator Pro w/PinPoint & PHD2 (guiding)
CCDStack - calibration, debloom, normalize, alignment, deconvolution,  LRGB combine
Adobe Photoshop -   Noise reduction, JPEG conversion
Topaz Sharpen AI - Selective sharpening