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    NGC 4214
       Irregular Galaxy in Canes Venatici
       RA:12h 17m 28s  Dec: +47 13' 14" Distance - 23 mly  Size - 8.4'x6.6'

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NGC 4214 is a dwarf barred irregular galaxy located around 10 million light-years away in the constellation Canes Venatici. NGC 4214 is a member of the M94 Group and is both larger and brighter than the Small Magellanic Cloud as well as a starburst galaxy, with the largest star-forming regions (NGC 4214-I and NGC 4214-II) in the galaxy's center. Of the two, NGC 4214-I contains a super star cluster rich in Wolf-Rayet stars and NGC 4214-II is younger (age less than 3 million years), including a number of star clusters and stellar associations.
NGC 4214 also has two older super star clusters, both with an age of 200 million years and respective masses of 2.6*10.5 and 1.5*106 solar masses.

To the top right of NGC 4214 is another irregular galaxy NGC 4190 and to the bottom is the very faint irregular galaxy PCG 39145
Location & Date
Backyard, Abbott Observatory- Long Island, NY,  April 2021
TMB130SS F/7 APO, Moonlite focuser, Losmandy G11 Gemini
Image scale 1.54 arcsec/pixel
Baader  Ha L R G B  filters
CCD temp -15C
Ha 12x10m   Lum 45x5m  Red-12x10m Green -12x10m Blue-12x10m   Bin 1x1
Planning & Acquisition
Image planning - Sequence Generator Pro
Image acquisition - Sequence Generator Pro w/PinPoint & PHD2 (guiding)
CCDStack - calibration, debloom, normalize, alignment, deconvolution, HaLRGB combine
Adobe Photoshop -   Color processing, additional sharpening, Noise reduction, JPEG conversion
Topaz Sharpen AI - Selective sharpening
NGC 4214 Irregular Galaxy