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TMB-130SS CCD Inspector Results-See the results of how flat the TMB130SS is with an SBIG ST2000XM camera. Click on the image below.
Orion ED80 focuser modification -Frustrated with the stock Orion ED80 focuser slipping? The fix is easy. Click on the image to take you there.
Cleaning the Deep Sky Instruments RC10C OTA and Mirror
Having to remove crud left behind by wet leaves on the primary mirror, a wet cleaning was necessary.
Click on image for details.
The long awaited Losmandy G11 one piece worm block arrives
This new block design makes installation and adjustments a breeze.

Click on image for details.
Always tinkering when I have time, I try to improve or make things for the fun of it. This page is for those projects that you may find interesting or just information I found that I'd like to share.
SBIG ST2000-XCM vs. ST2000-XM camera match!
A comprehensive performance test of the XCM color camera vs. XM mono camera w/filters.

Click on the gloves to take you there
My evaluation of the Deep Sky Instruments RC10C Ritchey-Chrétien Astrograph
Finally, an affordable R/C OTA, but is there quality and performance under the low price tag?
Click on the image to find out.
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